Joust the tip of a dilemma

Hello to anyone who’s come here from my sister blog, A Rebel Hand.

I started Writer’s Blog to have a place where I could talk about a new experience: moving from writing about social and family history to historical fiction.

Mediaeval image of knights jousting
Jousting at a tourney (Wikimedia Commons)

I do admit to writing the beginning of a thrilling mediæval adventure story, The Tourney*, many years ago, but I was nine and got bored. Getting past the idea and the first chapter takes a fair bit of hard work, I discovered then; and it’s just as tough now. So some of this blog will probably be about struggles and how I overcome them.

One struggle I’ve had recently was being stuck. To give it its posh name, writer’s block. Which is what gave me the idea for this blog, and its name.

My not-exactly-hero, Jack, was hiding from me as determinedly as some of my ancestors do when I’m in genealogy mode.

Luckily, a friend suggested I should write about him when he was younger than he is in my novel. It worked. I now understand a lot more about what matters to him, what he fears and what he hopes for. Thank you for the tip, Mark!

Have you ever tried that exercise?

Engraving of Peter the Wild Boy sitting
Peter ‘the Wild Boy’

But now I’m putting the book to one side and getting back to putting out a recently-published short story, Educating Peter, as an ebook (e-book/eBook).

I also plan to blog here more often. There are two things I’d like to talk about: the background to Educating Peter: A Story from Kensington Palace and a talk I went to recently on how to get published.

Which would you like to see next? Do let me know.

* Original hand-illustrated manuscript now lost. Sorry, agents and publishers, that was the only copy

One thought on “Joust the tip of a dilemma

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  1. I am loving your new blog; & congratulations on your latest writings & publication.

    I think the move from genealogical & historical works to historical & writing in geneal is quite typical. Our brain naturally wants answers to loose ends & writing enables a bit of poetic licence to produce a potential hypothesis.

    Being a little of a control freak; I am going the self publish route. I have just written a piece for another blog, but I will share the link with you when it posts to Anglers Rest.

    I can though, tell you that I approached two publishers earlier in the year, the royalty from those publishers was poor given the work that has gone into the offering. I know they have the financial outlay of the print run, the cover, the prep, but in this technical given world it is quite possible to self publish, and yes I have 100% of the hassle & costs, but I also have 100% of the proudness of my finished work.

    You raised the question yesterday of how & who do you use. I am going to try the Amazon route, I will also look into Lulu & Smashwords.

    Having made my decision I am content & happy; & that is the important thing. I am
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts & writing.

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