Joust the tip of a dilemma

Hello to anyone who's come here from my sister blog, A Rebel Hand. I started Writer's Blog to have a place where I could talk about a new experience: moving from writing about social and family history to historical fiction. I do admit to writing the beginning of a thrilling mediƦval adventure story, The Tourney*,... Continue Reading →


Publishing Peter (as an ebook?)

I've found another way to procrastinate. When one more friend asked me if they could have a copy of Educating Peter, my short story published in May as part of the Stories from Kensington Palace anthology, I thought: no prob, I'll email the manuscript. Then I wondered: would it look better as a PDF? That's... Continue Reading →

Writer’s… what?

Hello, thanks for dropping in. I've been very busy not writing recently. I've started new Pinterest boards, signed up for yWriter and saved lots of research on Evernote. So I suppose it's time to get back to The Novel. As soon as I've cleaned the sink and - oh, is that a cobweb up there?

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